• JANOSZ is available for private reservations for all sorts of parties, live music events, and weddings.

    We can prepare microphones and speakers, internet, projectors and more to meet your specific needs.

    We accept private reservations for groups of 30+ and our maximum for a single group is 60 seated guests or 100 standing guests.


    ※ While we do not accept private reservations for groups of less than 30, you can reserve a regular table at our restaurant for smaller parties as well.


    ※ Photo by「ELICUORE

  • Food will be served in a buffet style.

    We will provide a buffet style plan for this party plan instead of our normal menu.

    You can choose from a variety of set plans including various hors d’oeuvres, pasta, paella, sushi, roast chicken and more. If you have a request for an item not found in one of the plans, feel free to consult with us about it.

  • Drinks are all-you-can-drink and to be ordered from the bar counter.

    Drinks are served in an all-you-can-drink system and must be ordered directly from the bar counter.

    We offer non-alcoholic plans for our guests who don’t drink as well as an extravagant plan where every drink on the menu is included in the all-you-can-drink menu. Choose the plan that fits your desires and budget.


    For more information, see the “Plan Details” section below.

Plan Details and Important Points

  • Private reservations are for groups of 30 or more.
  • Max numbers for private reservations are 60 seated guests or 100 standing guests.
  • Please make a reservation 3 days in advance from the day.
  • The standard time for this party plan is 2 hours and 30 minutes with a max time of 3 hours.
  • Time extensions are 500 yen per person for 30 minutes.

After confirming your desired plan details, we will contact you to inform you whether or not we can accommodate your plan.

(※ Please be aware that we may need to have you change the details or timing of your plan due to circumstances at our restaurant)

Drink plan

  • ¥1,500Plan

    1,500yen / person

  • ¥2,000Plan

    2,000yen / person

  • ¥2,500Plan

    2,500yen / person

Food plan

  • ¥1,500Plan(5Type)

    1,500yen / person

  • ¥2,000 Food Plan(7Type)

    2,000yen / person

  • ¥2,500Plan(9Type)

    2,500yen / person